Power Rails


Reliable Power Distribution is critical in any data environment. Rack Technologies prides itself in our commitment to only supply industry with Power Rails of the highest standards. Our range of Power Rails are manufactured to our stringent quality standards using only quality components before being load tested.

With a variety of socket and plug configurations in both Vertical and Horizontal formats there are hundreds of combinations available.
The charts show our most popular “off the shelf” combinations but please contact our sales team for other requirements.

Socket Plug Horizontal Vertical
5 Way 10 Way 10 Way 20 Way
Power-Rails-Plug-Socket Power-Rails-Plug-10A10A 9001-RB Add to Quote 9003-RB Add to Quote 9004-RBAdd to Quote 9005-RBAdd to Quote
Power-Rails-Plug-15A15A 9001-RB-15AAdd to Quote 9003-RB-15AAdd to Quote 9004-RB-15AAdd to Quote 9005-RB-15AAdd to Quote
Power-Rails-Plug-10A-IEC10A IEC 9001-RB-C14Add to Quote 9003-RB-C14Add to Quote 9004-RB-C14Add to Quote 9005-RB-C14Add to Quote
Power-Rails-Plug-15A-IEC15A IEC 9001-RB-C20Add to Quote 9003-RB-C20Add to Quote 9004-RB-C20Add to Quote 9005-RB-C20Add to Quote
Power-Rails-Plug-10A-Captive10A Captive 9001-RB-CAP10FAdd to Quote 9003-RB-CAP10FAdd to Quote 9004-RB-CAP10FAdd to Quote 9005-RB-CAP10FAdd to Quote
Power-Rails-Plug-15A-Captive15A Captive 9001-RB-CAP15FAdd to Quote 9003-RB-CAP15FAdd to Quote 9004-RB-CAP15FAdd to Quote 9005-RB-CAP15FAdd to Quote
Power-Rails-Plug-20A-Captive20A Captive 9001-RB-CAP20FAdd to Quote 9003-RB-CAP20FAdd to Quote 9004-RB-CAP20FAdd to Quote 9005-RB-CAP20FAdd to Quote
Power-Rails-Plug-20A-Captive-round20A 9001-RB-CAP20RAdd to Quote 9003-RB-CAP20RAdd to Quote 9004-RB-CAP20RAdd to Quote 9005-RB-CAP20RAdd to Quote
IEC Socket Power Rail
Socket Plug Horizontal Vertical
12 Way 12 Way 20 Way
Power-Rails-Plug-Socket Power-Rails-Plug-10A10A 9012-RBAdd to Quote 9008-RBAdd to Quote 9009-RBAdd to Quote
Power-Rails-Plug-15A15A 9012-RB-15AAdd to Quote 9008-RB-15AAdd to Quote 9009-RB-15AAdd to Quote
Power-Rails-Plug-10A-IEC10A IEC 9012-RB-C14Add to Quote 9008-RB-C14Add to Quote 9009-RB-C14Add to Quote
Power-Rails-Plug-15A-IEC15A IEC 9012-RB-C20Add to Quote 9008-RB-C20Add to Quote 9009-RB-C20Add to Quote
Power-Rails-Plug-10A-Captive10A Captive 9012-RB-CAP10FAdd to Quote 9008-RB-CAP10FAdd to Quote 9009-RB-CAP10FAdd to Quote
Power-Rails-Plug-15A-Captive15A Captive 9012-RB-CAP15FAdd to Quote 9008-RB-CAP15FAdd to Quote 9009-RB-CAP15FAdd to Quote
Power-Rails-Plug-20A-Captive20A Captive 9012-RB-CAP20FAdd to Quote 9008-RB-CAP20FAdd to Quote 9009-RB-CAP20FAdd to Quote
Power-Rails-Plug-20A-Captive-round20A 9012-RB-CAP20RAdd to Quote 9008-RB-CAP20RAdd to Quote 9009-RB-CAP20RAdd to Quote
Combo Units
Socket Plug 18xC13 & 2xC19
Power-Rails-Plug-15A15A 9019-RB-15AAdd to Quote
Power-Rails-Plug-15A-IEC15A IEC 9019-RB-C20Add to Quote
Power-Rails-Plug-15A-Captive15A Captive 9019-RB-CAP15FAdd to Quote
Power-Rails-Plug-20A-Captive20A Captive 9019-RB-CAP20FAdd to Quote
Power-Rails-Plug-20A-Captive-round20A 9019-RB-CAP20RAdd to Quote