RTx Series


Rack Technologies RTx Series is our “off the shelf” pre configured floor standing cabinet range ready for RTxPress delivery. A comprehensive range encompassing more than 90 size and door variants ensures a cabinet to suit practically any installation.

Supplied complete with many standard features and accessories this Series provides a high quality standard option for your network or server cabinet requirements.

The welded front and rear steel frame provides the strength required for peace of mind whilst all doors and panels are designed for ease of removal and installation ensuring uncluttered access for wiring and connection during installation.

When you need a rack and need it fast… RTx is your answer.


  • Excellent design with many standard inclusions
  • Doors open to 180 degrees with quick release hinge
  • Glass, Curved Perforated or Steel front door options available
  • Perforated rear door (Bifold for 800mm wide)
  • 70% perforation on perforated doors
  • Swing handle lock for doors
  • 19” depth adjustable mounting rail with RU markings
  • Side panels fitted with round locks are easy to fit and remove
  • Top panel with multiple cable entry knockouts
  • Bottom panel with adjustable cable entry panels
  • 800kg load capacity

Standard Inclusions

  • 2 x Fan Units (600 depth)
  • 4 x Fan Units (800 to 1200 depth)
  • 2 Shelves (12RU to 27RU)
  • 3 Shelves (37RU to 45RU)
  • 1 x 8 way Horizontal PDU
  • 2 Cable Trays
  • 2 x Vertical Cable Duct (800 wide)
  • 25 cage nuts
  • Earth kit
  • Castors (for transport)
  • Levelling feet
  • Swing handle lock for both front and rear door
  • Small round lock for side panels
  • Baying kit
Cabinet Doors Add to Quote
RU Height Width Depth Glass Perforated Steel


718 600 600 RTX6612G RTX6612V RTX6612S Add to Quote
800 RTX6812G RTX6812V RTX6812S Add to Quote


985 600 600 RTX6618G RTX6618V RTX6618S Add to Quote
800 RTX6818G RTX6818V RTX6818S Add to Quote
1000 RTX6018G RTX6018V RTX6018S Add to Quote
800 800 RTX8818G RTX8818V RTX8818S Add to Quote


1161 600 600 RTX6622G RTX6622V RTX6622S Add to Quote
800 RTX6822G RTX6822V RTX6822S Add to Quote
1000 RTX6022G RTX6022V RTX6022S Add to Quote


1383 600 600 RTX6627G RTX6627V RTX6627S Add to Quote
800 RTX6827G RTX6827V RTX6827S Add to Quote
1000 RTX6027G RTX6027V RTX6027S Add to Quote
800 800 RTX8827G RTX8827V RTX8827S Add to Quote
1000 RTX8027G RTX8027V RTX8027S Add to Quote


1825 600 600 RTX6637G RTX 6637V RTX 6637S Add to Quote
800 RTX6837G RTX6837V RTX6837S Add to Quote
1000 RTX6037G RTX6037V RTX6037S Add to Quote
800 800 RTX8837G RTX8837V RTX8837S Add to Quote
1000 RTX8037G RTX8037V RTX8037S Add to Quote


2044 600 600 RTX6642G RTX6642V RTX6642S Add to Quote
800 RTX6842G RTX6842V RTX6842S Add to Quote
1000 RTX6042G RTX6042V RTX6042S Add to Quote
1200 RTX6242G RTX6242V RTX6242S Add to Quote
800 800 RTX8842G RTX8842V RTX8842S Add to Quote
1000 RTX8042G RTX8042V RTX8042S Add to Quote
1200 RTX8242G RTX8242V RTX8242S Add to Quote


2177 600 600 RTX6645G RTX6645V RTX6645S Add to Quote
800 RTX6845G RTX6845V RTX6845S Add to Quote
1000 RTX6045G RTX6045V RTX6045S Add to Quote
1200 RTX6245G RTX6245V RTX6245S Add to Quote
800 800 RTX8845G RTX8845V RTX8845S Add to Quote
1000 RTX8045G RTX8045V RTX8045S Add to Quote
1200 RTX8245G RTX8245V RTX8245S Add to Quote

RTx Product Range