Fixed Fibre Enclosure


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  • Suitable for all 19” wide cabinets
  • Internal cable management
  • Able to accommodate splice cassettes
  • Four entry points
RU Part Number Width Depth Description


9065 600 220 24-way ST fixed fibre tray with lid. Accepts 24x ST couplers
9066 200 24-way SC fixed fibre tray. Holds 12x duplex couplers
9067 12-way ST fixed fibre tray with lid. Accepts 16x ST couplers
9060 12-way SC fixed fibre tray with lid. Holds 6x duplex couplers
9263 24-way LC duplex fixed fibre tray. Holds 24x LC duplex couplers. Can also hold 24x SC simplex couplers
Part Number

9065, 9066, 9067, 9060, 9263


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