Standard Inclusions

All WR Series come with these standard inclusions. The below part numbers are the complete cabinet with the door style option.

  • Frame
  • L rails – front and rear
  • RU labels (x4) – front and rear

IQ Series


The iQ series 600mm and 800mm wide cabinet range is the most advanced Server Rack featured on the Australian market. A robust construction made from durable welded steel with powder coated finish gives the iQ series a variety of applications, whether in a data centre or in a stand alone environment.

The extra width on the outside of the vertical mounting rails can also be utilised for cable management, like the iQ Series Vertical Cable Management System. This is perfect for high density patching as it keeps all cable runs neat and manageable. The 600mm and 800mm wide Server Range is available in 38RU and 45RU configurations, including 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm and 1200mm depths. It will house most servers on the market today without overcrowding and allows excellent air flow for maximum cooling of precious server hardware. The iQ series cabinet has been tested to 600kg UDL load rating and 1000kg without levelling feet.

The iQ Series has been designed so you can customise your data centre requirements by utilising a frame and modular system to bay cabinets together, as well as a large variety of door configurations including 3 Point Locking and Bi Fold designs.


Side panels are used to totally enclose cabinets using locks provided. The panels sit flush with the cabinet when installed.

Privacy panels are used when baying cabinets together and a physical barrier is required between enclosures without the need for side panels. Privacy panels also prevent air leakage from one cabinet to another when bayed.

Roof panels are made with provision for fan cooling and cable entry which sits internally flush.


The T Finger Vertical Cable Management System is designed to handle high density cabling, whether for termination or patching applications.

It fits neatly alongside the vertical 19” rails within a 600mm or 800mm wide cabinet to ensure neat cabling as well as adherence to bend radius requirements. A hinged cover conserves any unsightly cables and has the ability to swing left or right for ease of cable installation.

Modular 8RU and 45RU single side cable management systems fitted to L-rail are also available.

The T fingers are mounted on steel channels in 2RU increments and can be removed to allow the bending and entry of larger cable bundles via the top or bottom, left or right. The fingers are available in 2 (two) length – 93mm and 146mm. 1, 2 & 4 RU horizontal cable management is also available.


L-Rails are fully adjustable to suit your requirements and are designed to accommodate most
servers on the market. RU mounting holes are 9.5mm square and are designed for M6 cagenuts, and constructed from 2mm zinc annealed steel. RU labeling is pre-configured and supplied.

Cabinet Doors Side Panel Roof
RU Height Width Depth Frame Acrylic Perforated Hi flow Steel Bi Fold Bi Fold hi Flow Side Roof Canopy


1922 600 800 iQ3804 IQ3811 IQ3823 IQ3823 HF IQ3821 IQ3823 BIFOLD IQ3823 BIFOLD HF IQ3834 IQ4584 IQ4576
900 iQ3810 IQ3836 IQ4589 IQ4588
1000 iQ3801 IQ3838 IQ4591 IQ4593
1200 iQ3808 IQ3839 IQ4596 IQ4594
800 800 iQ3806 IQ3812 IQ3814 IQ3814 HF IQ3822 IQ3814 BIFOLD IQ3814 BIFOLD HF IQ3834 IQ4586 IQ4579
900 iQ3800 IQ3836 IQ4590 IQ4597
1000 iQ3807 IQ3838 IQ4592 IQ4598
1200 iQ3809 IQ3839 IQ4595 IQ4599


2233 600 800 iQ4504 iQ4511 iQ4523 iQ4523 HF iQ4521 iQ4523 BIFOLD iQ4523 BIFOLD HF iQ4534 IQ4584 IQ4576
900 iQ4510 iQ4536 IQ4589 IQ4588
1000 iQ4501 iQ4538 IQ4591 IQ4593
1200 iQ4508 iQ4539 IQ4596 IQ4594
800 800 iQ4506 iQ4512 iQ4514 iQ4514 HF iQ4522 iQ4514 BIFOLD iQ4514 BIFOLD HF iQ4534 IQ4586 IQ4579
900 iQ4500 iQ4536 IQ4590 IQ4597
1000 iQ4507 iQ4538 IQ4592 IQ4598
1200 iQ4509 iQ4539 IQ4595 IQ4599