New Web Site & Catalogue Download!

February 2017 is an exciting time as the Rack Technologies team launch a brand new Catalogue and Interactive Web Site.

These 2 new tools are designed with the customer in mind and reinforce the fresh new approach to products and service.

This launch coincides with the release of the new RTx Floor Standing Cabinets and WR Series Wall Mounted Cabinet ranges that are available “off the shelf” for immediate delivery.

The new Web Site features the complete suite of Rack Technologies products and includes a Rack designer module for the fully customisable RT2 series Floor Standing Cabinets.
The designer tool steps you through the process to design your own rack and includes a comprehensive range of accessories.

Ask for a free copy of the new catalogue or visit us online. We would love your feedback and suggestions on products and services to enable us to be your supplier of choice at all times.


Download Catalogue Request a hard copy